Why are we the best?


Based in the heart of the the Dorset, Thornhill Deer Management has some of the best deer stalking ground in the UK where there are healthy populations of roe, fallow, sika, red and mutjac deer

Thornhill Deer Management actively manage their stalking grounds, ensuring that deer are not over shot, that the breeding population is healthy and strong and that deer can coexist peacefully with local agriculture and estates. This is how TDM are able to consistently provide their guests with high quality deer

On many of our stalking grounds we have maintained a relationship with the local deer population for in excess of 25 years. Their health and success is vital to our business and the biodiversity of the local area - it is this relationship that enables us to deliver success year on year and the reason that many of our guests return to us

We are within easy reach of both Bristol and Southampton airports, provide high quality accommodation for our guests and tailored experiences for every hunter.

Land owners can be confident that management plans are executed by qualified team members with safety and consideration for the local environment are at forefront of everything we do.